The Pin-set Collective | Connoisseur
Here at Connoisseur HQ - we thrive on the little extras, the considered attention to detail - something you can collect and stick on your best coat (or on your wall) is just that.
Whilst the first design of these clearly took a little inspiration from an original source; we wanted to try and bring back that old style for the modern day,  with a more fresh take
too, thus a new idea was born! With an (old) new found craze developing with many others following suit. A
two-piece pin badge set deliberately released in strictly limited
numbers of
100 only - making them desirable and collectible for the future, with each set so far selling out in just seconds.
The sets consist of our original, signature little men in various styles and garments paying homage to some of our favourite labels over the years, in meticulous, minute
detail. So far, we have done
18, we never planned an exact figure and have no idea how many more we will do, we just keep sketching them until we're happy, maybe we'll
finish at 20.
Here's the story so far...
Right from the off we wanted to bring back the little pin and make something fun of it again.
Aside from oversized football ones we felt there was a gap for some interesting stuff to be done. And size wise small really does matter on the little enamel goodness.
Anyway, like above we started doing little sets limited to 100 pieces and they started flying out, in seconds! Andother collectable/cult offering boxed off.
Naturally it wasn't long before others followed suit, some good, some awful, some right rip offs and even some counterfeiting our actual designs! It was soon to become
overdone, so naturally we took a break. We've done a real variety over the years including some scarce ones only available with a jacket, several fund raising ones, one's that
have got us in trouble and a real mixed bag which were always lovingly received. Which is what spurs you on at the end of the day isn't it?
Below is a selection of some of the one's we've done.over the years.