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Established in the Summer of 2006, though evolved from one of  the original and world famous
casual culture websites on the 'net; 'countylads' from early 2000.
Based  in the North West of England,
Connoisseur is a label inspired by various aspects of cult and
popular culture. We buzz off the finer things in life. Art, film, music, football, the great outdoors, cask
ales and everything that fills the gaps in between.
We reckon we've got a keen eye for detail we try to exercise that eye on the garms we put together. Our
aim is breathe fresh air into timeless style. We hook into the traditional working class values we
were brought up with and give them
a coat of contemporary cool.

While we're quite chuffed with how things have gone so far, we know where we fit in. We're just two
lads from the outskirts of a big city trying to spread a slightly warped strain of whatever it is that makes
us tick. Some people seem to like it.
We keep things limited, believing those who deserve them the most will be rewarded. We could of
course cash in and make mad money on bigger production runs, and tasteless tat but where's the fun
in that?
Better to retain integrity. We are a cult, not a cash in. We sell our wares to everyone. Some of our likers
are hikers and push-bikers. From top table lads to style-conscious Dads, students and their teachers;
we have no person in mind when we design our clothing.

We're a tiny self-sufficient brand, with big ideas. We are a two-man team working hard at it ourselves
and with regular collaborators, friends, cohorts and using professional expert craftsmen (and women)
to help produce our workings, designs and ideas.
Connoisseur leave politics at the door on the way in, we are not affiliated to any other brands or
groups or persons unless stated otherwise. Anything that may suggest so is merely coincidental. We
have established our brand - our own look and imagery, including our own unique style.
Please beware of pale imitations. We are the Connoisseur brand.

We have made progress each year so here's to the future. Join us as we go...

We do what we like and we like what we do.
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